YEAR 1997
DIRECTOR Ricardo Franco
PRODUCED BY Enrique Cerezo P.C., Pedro Costa P.C.
CAST Maribel Verdú, Antonio Resines, Jordi Mollá, Clara Sanchís, Ramón Barea, Elvira Mínguez
WRITERS Ricardo Franco, Ángeles González Sinde, Pedro Costa, Álvaro del Amo, Carlos Pérez Merinero

Rafael, a butcher who was castrated in his youth as a result of an accident, leads a quiet and lonely life. One night he meets Marina, a one-eyed girl who is being beaten by Daniel, her lover. Marina is pregnant with Daniel. Rafael welcomes her into his home and protects her. A girl is born, Estrella. Rafael, Marina and Estrella have a peaceful life for three years. One night he appears in the badly wounded house Daniel. Rafael and Marina pick him up and heal him. In the next few weeks Daniel will endanger the world that Rafael had built.

AWARDS Goya Awards: 5 awards: Best Film, Best Director (Ricardo Franco), Best Actor (Antonio Resines), Best Script (Ricardo Franco y Ángelez González-Sinde), Best Original Score (Eva Gancedo). 2 nominations. / Cannes Film Festival: Ecumenical Jury Award. / Forqué Awards: Best Film. / Ondas Awards: Best Director (Ricardo Franco), Best Actor (Jordi Mollà and Antonio Resines). / Fotogramas de Plata: Best Spanish Film. / Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos: Best Actor (Antonio Resines), Best Actress (Maribel Verdú), Best Original Score (Eva Gancedo). / Unión de Actores: Best Film Actor (Jordi Mollà). / Turia Awards: Best Spanish Film, Best Actor (Jordi Mollà). / Mar del Plata Film Festival: Best Director (Ricardo Franco), Best Actor (Antonio Resines and Jordi Mollà). / San Diego Film Festival: Best Film.