YEAR 2013
DIRECTOR Gonzalo García Pelayo
GENRE Comedy
PRODUCED BY Enrique Cerezo P.C., Dato-Sur, Teyso Media Ficción
CAST Jeri Iglesias, Beatriz Torres
WRITERS Pablo García Canga, Iván García Pelayo
CINEMATOGRAPHY José Enrique Izquierdo

Two friends are at the Cadiz Carnival, a festival of the flesh: a poker player and a singer-songwriter, in love with the same woman, Pepa, who has the same name as the first Spanish Constitution (played by four different actresses to give a full idea of a Cadiz woman) mingle with the street festivities of chirigoteros, flamenco and strange people from the city with fidelity to uncertainty as their standard (and with their three carnival girlfriends and a boxer as a festive accompaniment).